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At the Executive Seminars in Analytical Chemistry (ESAC) MS-Omics had the opportunity to not only hear from leading scientific researchers from all fields of analytical chemistry – but we were also invited to speak at the seminar.


We sent our wonderful colleagues @Anna, @Kristoffer, @Thorsten, @Morten and @Daniel to the event, where

Daniel gave a presentation and spoke about the hunt for new signalling and antiviral nucleotides in bacterial defence systems: Getting into structure elucidation with Orbitrap MS and Compound Discoverer.

MS-Omics has analysed a range of bacterial samples with potential new phage (virus) defence systems.

We assist in confirming specific compounds or elucidation of the structure of a molecule using high-resolution LC-MSMS. At ESAC we describee how we sometimes can help guide our customers using some of the tools from Thermo’s Compound Discoverer using high-resolution MS, Fragment Ion Search (FISh) scoring and molecular networking.

It was an enriching seminar and last, but not least, it was great seeing our friends from @Agilent, @ThermoFisher, @Bruker and @Waters 😊


As a researcher using MS-Omics you will experience:

  • A short lead time
  • Versatile methods optimized to your needs
  • Collaborate directly with metabolomics experts
  • Cutting edge LC-MS/MS instruments


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Have a great day,

MS-Omics – Your metabolomics service experts

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