Metabolomics service

We support your analysis needs and are committed to maximise the outcome of your projects.

MS-Omics provides metabolomics analysis as a fee-for-service for universities and companies working within fields such as biotechnology, pharmacy, and food industry.

As a company, we are committed to maximise the outcome of your projects and can support you all the way from planning experiments to interpretation of data. We want to aid you in gaining a deeper insight into the underlying mechanisms of your studies.

  • Planning

    In the planning phase we can assist in choosing the right experimental design and sampling protocols.

  • Pre-Processing

    After your experiments have been concluded you have the option to do the sample pre-processing at your site, or you can ship the samples to us, and we will do the pre-processing before analysing the samples.

  • Analysis

    When the sample analysis and data processing are done you will receive a report together with one or more Excel files with the results.

  • Report

    In the report we will describe how the samples were processed at our laboratory together with a selection of illustrations of the obtained data.

  • Results and support

    Once you have read the report you are welcome with any question that you might have, and we often encourage that a conference call or meeting is arranged to make sure that you get the most out of the obtained results.

Metabolomics applications

We have extensive experience with application and exploration of metabolomics across various studies.
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Metabolomics methods

We apply advanced data extraction techniques to detect known as well as unknown analytes in a dataset.
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How it works

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