Great news! Our employee, Samin, has published yet another article from her PhD thesis.

Samin Fathalinejad has her article ”Chemical composition analysis of carbohydrate fragmentation products” published in the #JournalOfAnalyticalAndAppliedPyrolysis. So, very exciting news!

This study was a collaboration between Københavns Universitet – University of Copenhagen and Haldor Topsoe A/S. Congratulations to Samin, Jan Christensen and the co-authors.

In this study, Samin has developed various non-targeted analytical methods for analysis of sugar-cracking by-products, as well as a chemical identification workflow to detect compounds in complex mixtures through GC-MS. By using these techniques, this research has identified the majority of impurities in the carbohydrate fragmentation/pyrolysis mixtures.

The methods applied by Samin in this publication demonstrates how versatile the POOL OF COMPETENCIES is at MS-Omics as we are not ONLY specialists in broad metabolomics methods, but ALSO are highly specialized in a range of other fields.

Feel free to share the article (see below) with your friends and colleagues. We hope you enjoy the read 😊

Read Samin’s article here.

MS-Omcis, #YourMetabolomicsServiceExperts

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