Article: A postbiotic consisting of heat-treated lactobacilli has a bifidogenic effect in pure culture and in human fermented faecal communities

We always enjoy congratulating our customers on their exciting findings. So, CONGRATULATIONS to Alicja Warda and her colleagues at APC Microbiome Ireland on their article in ASM Journals.

“We demonstrate that Lactobacillus LB (a product consisting of two heat-killed lactic acid bacteria and their metabolites) can stimulate the growth of bifidobacteria in human fermented faecal communities and in pure culture. Given the heat-treatment applied during the production process, there is no risk of the lactic acid bacteria colonising (or causing bacteraemia) in vulnerable consumers (infants, immunocompromised, etc). Lactobacillus LB has the potential to affect human health by selectively promoting the growth of beneficial bacteria.”

At MS-Omics we are happy to contribute to research projects and are grateful that our customers benefit from our liquid chromatography mass spectrometry (LC-MS) methods.

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