Yesterday we had the pleasure of a visit from our close collaborator professor Jan Christensen from Københavns Universitet – University of Copenhagen and >30 students who are following Jan’s course in analytical chemistry.
The students visited our different labs and facilities and got an introduction to metabolomics and the different analytical challenges our scientists encounter in their daily work AND the benefits our customers experience when they see the results of our metabolomics and data analysis.
When our CEO, Morten Danielsen and our Head of Science – Data, Lea Giørtz Johnsen, started MS-Omics, the company was physically located at the University of Copenhagen during the first four years.
This makes it even more important for us to continue the great collaboration with University of Copenhagen, especially with the research group for Analytical Chemistry. And, who knows, we might soon see some of the students again either as industrial thesis students or new employees.
We wish the students the best in their future endeavours and thank them for being curious about our branch within biotech.
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MS-Omics – #YourMetabolomicsServiceExperts

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