We offer support in the growing field of nutritional metabolomics and especially the link between nutrition and the microbiome.
Nutritional science aims to explore the complex interaction between diet and the human organism. This requires a better understanding of the implications and subtle changes in the human metabolism that are caused by food or specific nutrients. Metabolomics can be applied not only to investigate dietary related diseases or biomarkers of nutrient intake, but also as a tool to identify biomarkers for food quality.

How we can help
MS-Omics has analysed various biological fluids in conjunction with nutrition as well as various food matrices focusing on their impact on the metabolism. Linking nutrition and the microbiome is a growing field where we have vast involvement in. Currently MS-omics participates in an EU project investigating the effects of different diets on the development of colon cancer. The title of the project is “Faecal Microbiome as determinant of the effect of diet on colorectal cancer risk: comparison of meat based versus pesco-vegetarian diets” (in short MeaTIc).

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