OUR VISITING SCIENTIST! –Iulia Revenco from KU Leuven University (Leuven, Belgium) joined our team for a short visit to study how peroxisome-derived hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) affects the metabolic profile of human cells. She is a Marie Curie fellow in the ITN project PERICO, where MS-Omics is a partner.

Iulia’s research focuses on intracellular organelles called peroxisomes (PO), which are traditionally known for their role in lipid and H2O2 metabolism. A growing amount of data highlights the association between PO metabolism and cellular redox state. In her host laboratory at KU Leuven, they are currently studying how changes in PO-H2O2 production impact the cellular redox proteome. Given that their recent results show that multiple metabolic enzymes are potential targets of PO-H2O2, she is interested in gaining more insight into how this oxidant affects the cellular metabolic profile.

She hopes her new experience at MS-Omics will help to fill in the gaps in our knowledge about how changes in PO-H2O2 metabolism reconfigure the cellular metabolome, thereby giving a fresh perspective to the scientific community, also outside the PO field.

Iulia likes hiking and jogging, and she feels it’s the best way to explore new places. She fell in love with North Zealand after running 60 km since the beginning of her visit.

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